Fantom Force


Welcome Aboard the World of the Fantom Force. Fantom Force was created by two Brothers Kaladroid and Raw B Hulk. Two of which are veterans in the Miami FL and International music scene. Lets start with Kaladroid also know as The Pilot. He is the mastermind behind the whole concept, beats, sounds,visiuals and lending his vocals from time to time. Kaladroid throughout his career has worked with several major and indy record labels. His last venture was for DJ Oscar G and producer Oba Frank Lords. With His song ‘Hijo De Chango’ was released through Meet me in Miami/Nervous Records. He has performed in some Major music festivals in the Netherlands with his former group and has toured the USA. Opening for acts like Duran Duran, Incubus, Fishbone, God lives Underwater and many more. He is also an accomplished Photographer,Videographer and Cosplayer. Who has created a whole Space Saga featuring these characters and their Ship. Raw B Hulk has been the Lead singer and lead writer for several band's in Miami FL. He is heavily influenced by Old School Hip Hop and many genres of Electronic Music and Groups. From The Prodigy, Rabbit in the Moon to the Mighty B.T.S.M. Raw B Hulk lends his vocals and lyrical writing ability. And is known as The Commander of the Fantom Force crew. But no crew is complete without The Gunner. He was the last peace of the puzzle that brought them together. With his extraordinary riffs. Guitarist Hara stepped in and blended right into the sound waves. Hara and Kaladroid have toured Europe together and have worked on several projects through out the years. One of the last projects was recording a song for the Power Rangers App. FF armed themselves with Producer Oba Frank Lords who also Mixed the single Lazarus Interstellar. Together they all create the Electro Dynamic Sound of the Fantom Force. Be sure to checkout the Miami Electro Bass Re-Mix that is gonna burn up the Air waves by DJ Jorge Ojeda.

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